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Before starting extensive renovation work you’ll need to turn to a design professional - someone with the right credentials and experience to help you create a  total environment, interior and exterior, that satisfies your specific needs. Extensive forethought about a project before the hammers swing or concrete is poured ensures you get the building of your dreams, no compromises.  [Click a small image to see it enlarged].  
Ferme Cravarin
Dating back to 1746, this barn in the Giffre Valley, Haute Savoie, France was built with traditional stone base and wooden grange on top. The plan was to renovate this uninhabitable property to turn it into a two bedroom apartment plus luxury five bedroom, five ensuite bathroom chalet to be run as a ski business. []

The drawing to the left is an approved elevation of the new design for the facade shown in the photo below it. The overall design had to consider space for seven cars, an industrial heating system, disabled access, challenges linked with new septic tank and its positioning and extensive fire regulations.

These plans were used for a successful planning application. These types of plans are also suitable for obtaining quotes from suppliers and for planning electrical and plumbing requirements.
Floor plan showing furniture layout
Elevation, plan and section showing new garage and carport
Early plan of overall site (plan masse) showing parking, new garage and drainage system
Petit Jutteninges
This client had already paid for an architect to redesign her 1970s chalet but was unhappy with the design produced - she felt the integrity of the building had been lost and that the end result was not in keeping with the styles of properties in the area. 

We listened to her vision and came up with a design that delighted her and was approved by the planning department.  There was a lot of landscaping involved in the design to create a garage and parking area.  
Elevation drawing of 1960s chalet renovation
south face elevation of ancient barn renovation
Petit Jutteninges renovation
The client chose to stage the works into three phases - design and planning application process, demolition and concrete works and then build.   Phase 1 & 2 are completed, phase 3 (main construction work) was put on hold by the client for a while.  This will involve demolishing the entire wooden top section of the chalet and rebuilding to the new design which includes balconies, mezzanine and extension.  The new section will made of wood and the existing concrete base will be clad with stone to create the client's vision of a chalet built using traditional materials.

Samoëns 1600
A client was considering purchasing this 1960s chalet at Samoëns 1600 to create a large luxury and contemporary catered ski chalet.  

To the right are the existing building's elevation plans, the new concept in elevation and a sketch plan showing furniture layouts.  The photo below shows the chalet as it is.
chalet at Samoens 1600
plans for design concept Samoens 1600
For photos of the completed project click here.
Our imagination transforms ruins into rooms!
plan of the overall redesigned site, floorplan of the ground floor, elevation of the north-west face >
finished technical construction drawings ready for manufacture of the wooden frame >
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